Foregrounds ’13

This week in Granary we will be hosting the Final Year Students of University College Cork(UCC)’s Drama and Theatre Studies (DTS), who are preparing for their Final Year Project(FYP). The  performance will take place next week with this week serving to help each group grow accustomed to the space.

Though the sentence may come across as having one too many acronyms for taste, it will become evident later in the article how necessary they are.

Foregrounds is the annual FYP showcase for the DTS 3rd Year students. The event is a culmination of the performance skills, methodology, textual analysis and adaptive processes that have been the subject matter of the students education in the preceding years.

The students are given a brief at the start of the year to source a piece of literature, be it a poem, folk tale or book, and “adapt it to stage”. There are several criteria that they must adhere to during the process which culminates in a performance and accompanying essay, upon which they are graded.

There are normally between 15 and 24 students in each year, so the preferred breakdown is into groups of 6. This year there are three groups, each of whom will be performing a twenty minute piece.

This performance will allow the students to demonstrate the skills that they have learned and nurtured over the last three years, allowing them to both create a piece of theatre and be able to articulate the creative process.

We highly recommend this performance for anyone

  • who has an interest in adaptive theatre
  • who is interested in pursuing this course
  • who is interested in developmental theatre
  • interested in gauging new talent

Over the next week or so, we will be taking the time to discuss each piece with the respective group and will be writing a blog post on each.

These blog posts are available here, here and here.