Fantastic Four



Dramat’s Fantastic four short play festival, is comprised of four short plays. Each play is an original writing. Each play is produced, directed and acted in by first timers.

As the Rain Falls;

Set in a supposedly post-apocalyptic setting (at least for the characters, for their knowledge is limited to their town and the fact that no one from outside came to help), this one-act play involves two very different characters clashing their approach to life and death and their rather extreme methods of coping, discussing the importance of memory and whether it should be preciously safeguarded or barely acknowledged.


In a world where males have become second-class citizens, a good-natured but oblivious young woman named Rose relaxes on a park bench. When Rose is approached by Mags – an old acquaintance – and her pet dog, Charlie, normality begins to take an absurd and slightly sinister turn…

Mannequin is a surreal comedy.


The world who wore blue;

A joyless youth receives a dream visitation from a familiar figure,
one who claims to be the embodiment of everything the youth desires –
a different world.

Good Morning Kindergarten

This play takes place in the wondrous world of Jefferson elementary: A place where four year olds can play news team and play it well. We follow our lovable characters as they do the news that matters to all kindergartners. BUT, will they be able to finish the show, when temptation is thrown into the mix and loyalties are tested? Tune in the 18th-21st of March to find out!