Granary Theatre and Noggin Theatre Company present a rehearsed reading of Fallen by Alice Barry.

Eileen Walsh

Catherine Walsh

Michelle Fox

Charlie Kelly

There is no virtue left in silence.

Fallen is set in 1992 and tells the story of May, a jaded woman of thirty six who has spent eighteen years mortifying herself and giving all her money to the church in retribution for having a child, Theresa, out of wedlock.

Theresa, now a young woman in a relationship with a challenging artist begins to question her Mother’s faith and choices.

Their lives take a dramatic turn when May’s sister, Valerie, whom she hasn’t seen for eighteen years arrives at the door.

In light of new information and the exposition of Bishop Eamon Casey, May has to face her fears and reassess her beliefs and reasoning.

Can she survive the realisation that she has been deceived by her sister and the Catholic Church and in light of some dramatic revelations of her own, is it possible for her to reconcile with the daughter she has treated so badly for eighteen years? Fear, guilt and shame: versus love, honesty and integrity in this battle for the soul.