Dramat Short Play Festival

UCC Dramat’s annual short play festival, this year features three pieces of original writing with three first time directors; ‘Lady Du Barry’s’, written and directed by Steven Lyons, ‘Cards Alight’, written and directed by Colm Sheppard and ‘Eyes’, written by Darragh Mulcahy and directed by Sinead Dunnes. These three distinctly different plays feature a variety of themes and storylines that promise a night of entertainment for any audience member.

The first piece is set in Lady du Barry’s Wax Museum, where at night, the wax figure’s come alive and search to find out who they truly are.  Then, we have ‘Cards Alight’, which answers the question of what happens when a Priest, a Gambling Addict, an Idiot and a Gold Digger walk into a bar. To finish up, we then have ‘Eyes’, a surrealist piece, which can only be described as a Lovecraftian horror experience.

Steven Lyons (Lady Du Barrys) is a final year English and History student. He has been involved in Dramat since he started college and has been involved in a whole host of roles, from performing to production and stage managment, and this is his debut as a director and writer.

Colm Sheppard (Cards Alight) is a second year Drama and Theatre Studies student. Within Dramat, he has performed in last years production of ‘All my Sons’ by Arthur Miller and the Summer production, ‘The Importance of Being Earnest.’ He has also been involved in backstage roles, and this is too his first time writing and directing.

Darragh Mulcahy (Eyes) is also a second year Drama and Theatre Studies student. Having been involved in last years Short Play Festivals, his most notable accomplishment within the socitey has been directing ‘All my Sons’, by Arthur Miller, which went onto be ISDA nominated. This is his writing debut.

Tickets: €9 / 7