Dradin, In Love

Granary, in association with Tribe, present Dradin, In Love: A play about love, deception and betrayal – one damaged man’s journey into a dangerous world that’s part fantasy, part steampunk, all mad.

Dradin is a young missionary who has returned to the fictional city of Ambergris after a long and disastrous sojourn in the jungles.  He finds himself alone, penniless and in the depths of despair, when he suddenly falls in love with the silhouette of an unknown woman in a window.  Aided by a devious and untrustworthy thief named Dvorak, he attempts to woo the strange woman – but it is the night of the Festival of the Freshwater Squid, when the city traditionally erupts in a paroxysm of violence, murder and mayhem – and Dradin’s search for love leads him into a fight for his life, and a final confrontation with his illusions.

The cast is a group of professional actors that have been drawn together by a love of the weird and wonderful, and a desire to create theatre which is physically engaged, challenging, and exotic… most of us trained in the Ecole de Jacques Lecoq, Paris; the others at The Gaiety and UCC.  They’re based in Cork and Dublin.

Jeff VanderMeer is a two-time winner, 12-time finalist for the World Fantasy Award as a fiction writer, editor, and publisher.  He is a major figure in the emerging “New Weird” literary movement.

Bob Kelly is a graduate of the Ecole de Jacques Lecoq; a recent nominee for the Irish Times Theatre Awards, he has worked with Blue Raincoat Theatre Co, The Abbey, The Louvre Museum, The Royal Ballet, among many others.