Deirdre of the Sorrows

Granary are pleased to announce UCC Dramats next feature length production: Deirdre of the Sorrows.

Deirdre is being raised secluded and cut off from the rest of the country because her beautiful self has been reserved for the old and ugly high king of Ulster, King Chonchubor. King Chonchubor decides it is time that Deirdre joined him in his city, Emain. Deirdre of course has no interest but Chonchubor doesn’t listen and says she’ll be sent to him in the next two days. She instead elopes with Naisi and his brothers to Scotland.

Seven years pass and Deirdre and Naisi are happily living in a tent in the forest. Fergus, the King’s friend comes with a message of peace for the two of them. Lavarcham, Deirdre’s old nurse warns her of the dangers of this message but Deirdre says she’ll do whatever Naisi does. Naisi refuses the offer but Deirdre then convinces him to go as they deserve an ending fit for history.

At Emain, Chonchubor kills Naisi and his two friends, he then tries to convince Deirdre to stay with him and be Queen but is stopped by Fergus, his now ex-friend who, on learning of this plot, burned down the city of Emain. However, it is too late to save Deirdre at this point and because of her grief and longing to be with Naisi again, she stabs herself. Chonchubor then transforms into a shadow of himself as he shows us how frail and cowardly a man he really is.


  • Hilary Bowen-Walsh
  • Ali Khan
  • Gerard Lovett
  • Ciara Lane
  • Greg Whelan-Curtin
  • Jame Murray
  • Michael Keneally
  • LJ McDonough
  • Ciarán McArtain
  • Sean Collins

Production Manager: Ema Lemon

Stage Manager: Julianne Ni Laoire

Director: John Donovan