by Sarah Kane


A workshop production by the Advanced Acting Course at the Granary Theatre.

“I crave white on white and black, but my thoughts race in glorious technicolor, prodding me awake, whipping away the warm blanket of invisibility every time it swears to smother my mind in nothing,” proclaims a character named “C” in Sarah Kane’s “Crave.” Kane’s play mimics this dilemma in its dialogue: the characters speak almost entirely in black and white one-line phrases, with no poetic descriptions and no flourishes, reveling in anonymity and confusion. Yet now and again a burning description lights up the play’s world—as well as our own—and forces us to see its desperate isolation, hidden pain, and unrealised desire.

Written for four characters named A, B, C and M, ‘Crave’ is here performed by 10 actors in an illuminating workshop production directed by Tony McCleane-Fay