Granary proudly presents the Irish premiere of


by Sarah Kane

A deeply poetic, intensely provocative theatre production about the limits of love.

Think about getting up it’s pointless.

Think about eating it’s pointless.

Think about dressing it’s pointless.

Think about speaking it’s pointless.

Think about dying only it’s totally fucking pointless.

Here now.

Safe on the other side and here.

An isolated setting, which could be a clinic or a university, but might just as easily be a prison. Tinker is its absolute ruler. By means of mysteriously effective physical and psychological attacks, he destroys any emotional ties that threaten to develop within his sphere of influence. Is he a power-mad sadist, a metaphysical angel of death, or the henchman of a totalitarian regime? When Grace arrives, looking for traces of her brother, who died here, her unwavering sisterly love attracts Tinker’s dangerous attention.

By contrast to her first two plays, in “Cleansed” Sarah Kane transposes the action and characters from a socially realistic context and describes an ambiguous world in which love can mean both healing and sickness, liberation and pathological dependence. The strict abstraction and concentrated language of the scenes generate a basic existential conflict in the suffering of the characters, something that extends far beyond the privacy of an individual, tragic love story. At the same time, “Cleansed” celebrates the power and beauty of love in poetic images, and as such it is probably Sarah Kane’s most optimistic play.


Tinker – Conor Irwin

Grace – Eadaoin O’Donaghue

Graham – James Brown

Robin – Jill Harding

Carl – Cedric Merillon

Rod – Donal McDonald

Woman – Anarosa De Eizaguirre Butler

Sarah – Michelle Fox


Hilary Bowen-Walsh

Ethan Dillon

Emma Kearney

Charlie Kelly

Margaret Perry


Director – Tony McCleane-Fay

Production Manager- Steve Neale

Music – Andrea Bonino

Film – Peter Gleeson

Costume – Monika McCleane

Stage Manager – Amy Burke

DSM – Derbail Kinsella

Chief Lx – Eoin Winning

Administrator – Maeve Lewis

Marketing – Caolan Gibbons

Assistant to the director – Maura Kinney

Dramaturg – Gabriella Steinberg

Technical –  Laura Murphy

Research – Sarah Catherine England

Full Programme available here: Cleansed Programme

Full Bios available here: Cleansed Bios

Co-Producers – Bare Cheek Theatre Company, School of Music & Theatre, UCC

Granary Theatre, 28 November – 8 December at 8pm

(not Sunday 2 December)