Cassandra is a girl who is smart but unlucky. This piece shows us how our education system can have serious negative pressure on some young people. To show this we’ve created a world where everyone must go to monster school.

Going backwards in time, we see Cassandra at the end of this monster school, having already gone through this system.  The pressure has gotten to Cassandra and now she leads an unfortunate life of the mundane.  As the story continues backwards Cassandra becomes less and less pressured by the stress of monster school.  We end up before she ever starts school and she can still act with the clarity of natural impulse.

This narrative is contrasted with a series of stories told through shadow. These shadow sequences, which are prepared in a noir style, tell the audience more about our education system, our use of theatre and give a context for Cassandra’s story.

This is Strive Theatres second Production. Strive Theatre was founded due to our understanding that theatre is not made to remain on the page.