Butterfly Kiss

written by Phyllis Nagy

directed by Sarah O’Shea

Butterfly Kiss is a play about matricide. From her jail cell, Lily summons up her past: a vivid collage of cross-fades and flashbacks, which reveals aspects of her experience cumulatively, not chronologically Thus throughout the play unfolds the story of her life – and her crime – through shifting and mesmeric scenes, her interlaced memories revealing the psychosexual tangle of her childhood and the events that led up to her trial.Scenes change in a matter of seconds, and many a time both the past and present are played on stage at the same time. Her relationships are chronicled in hard-edged scenes, all leading in an impossible multiplicity of ways to the terrible truth of what she has done to her mother.


Writer –  Phyllis Nagy is an American playwright and screenwriter; most recently nominated for an Oscar for her screenplay Carol. She has had several of her plays performed throughout the United Kingdom & the United States, mainly during the 1990’s.

Director – This is Sarah O’ Shea’s first time directing a play by herself, after co-directing The Vagina Monologues two years ago, and assistant directing another Dramat production The Importance of Being Earnest. A recent graduate of U.C.C, Sarah found this play whilst idling around Boole library during her final year.

Cast – The cast of 8 is entirely comprised of UCC students, both current and recent graduates. Hailing from all over Ireland and Europe, much of the cast are studying drama and theatre studies in UCC presently. They are very talented and have put a lot of hard work into the show!