Book Of Days

Book of Days is set in a small town dominated by a cheese plant, fundamentalist church, and a community theatre. When the owner of the cheese plant dies mysteriously in a hunting accident, Ruth, his bookkeeper, suspects murder. Cast as Joan of Arc in a local production of George Bernard Shaw’s Saint Joan, Ruth takes on the attributes of her fictional character and launches into a one-woman campaign to see justice done.

Directed by Marissa Duricko. Marissa is Dramat’s Token American, and has appeared as an actor in numerous productions in and around New York City. This is Marissa’s 3rd outing as Director for Dramat, following her fantastic productions of Tennessee William’s Camino Real and Paula Vogel’s How I Learned to Drive. A third year Drama and Theatre Studies student, Marissa has also appeared on stage in Dramat productions including Stop Kiss, Antigone, and Like a Virgin, as well as undertaking the role of Costume Designer for The Big Boy. When not acting, directing or dramatising, Marissa enjoys long walks and caring for her 3 babies; doggies Xavier and Willa, and cat Zelda.

Lanford Wilson (April 13, 1937 – March 24, 2011) was an American playwright who helped to advance the Off-Off-Broadway theatre movement, producing his earliest plays in New York at the Caffe Cino in 1964. He received the Pulitzer Prize for Drama in 1980 and was elected in 2001 to the Theatre Hall of Fame.