The Big Boy

A devised piece that incorporates alternative theatre such as puppetry, shadow theatre and mime.

“The Big Boy” about five kids who’re constantly looking for different ways to fill their days with awesome fun time and how they reinvent boring and mundane situations and even objects into new games.

(There are three sections)

1). Firstly one of them loses a teddy bear sparking an investigation involving interviews, witnesses chasing down suspects and finding some clues.

2). A fort is made and so follows an episode of story-telling through shadow. This takes on a zombie apocalypse spin (it’ll be fun and completely suitable for the faintest of hearts).

3). Lastly the children end up on the search for treasure and must become pirates, fight pirates and find lost booty! To make up for their lack of actual pirate supplies this shall be mimed.

This is a devised piece incorporating puppetry, shadow puppetry and interactive audience participation. We feature original music and handmade instruments. It promises to be engaging, captivating and fun.

Suitable for children of all ages from 1 – 92

Jack Holland is a UCC 3rd year, Drama and Theatre Studies and English student.
This is his second time directing. His debut last year with Antigone, earned him an ISDA Award at the 2012 ISDA festival.