Attempts on Her Life

Martin Crimp’s Attempts on Her Life is made up of 17 “Scenarios for theatre”, delivered at a fast pace and ranging from the deeply disturbing to the hilariousAt its centre is the elusive figure of Annie, who seems to be a kind of media fantasy, a terrorist, a victim, a porn star, an artist and urban myth. That is, of course, if she exists at all.

This is one of the most widely-produced and challenging pieces of theatre to emerge from Britain in the last 15 years.  It has been translated into 20 languages and performed all over the world. This is its Cork premiere.  It is now being performed by some of the brightest young actors in the Drama & Theatre Studies programme.

No synopsis is possible.  The next scene might be a sedate kitchen, a war zone or a student party. Come and see for yourself.

The piece is a theatrical jigsaw puzzle where you are never sure whether you have all the pieces, or even that the pieces you are given belong to the same picture.

This is a course production and the performance cast of 22 is drawn entirely from Second Year Drama & Theatre Studies (including some visiting students).  The production teams are drawn from the class, augmented by some assistance from other DTS students.

Martin Crimp (1956 – ) is possibly the leading English dramatist currently working in the UK.  Just under 20 of his original plays have already been produced, and he has written over a dozen versions of European classic theatre texts.  For much of his career he has had a long and close association with The Royal Court Theatre – the major source of new writing in English theatre, and the first to produce this piece in 1997.

Dr Ger FitzGibbon recently retired from his post as Head of Drama & Theatre Studies in UCC but continues to work part-time as an adjunct member of staff.  He has directed a substantial number of plays over the years, including Kavanagh’s The Great Hunger (Theatre Makers), McGuinness’s  Mary and Lizzie (Drama & Theatre Studies – co-directed with Dr Bernie Cronin), Brecht’s  Fear and Misery of the Third Reich (Drama & Theatre Studies – co-directed with Dr Bernie Cronin), and Barker’s Scenes from and Execution (Granary Theatre).  He has also written a number of plays, and is a member of the Triskel Theatre Development Centre steering committee.