An Island

Five young people wash up on an unnamed island somewhere west of the canaries and immediately start searching for a way off. Little do they know, the island is home to a small tribe of natives, as well as a mysterious, cliff dwelling hermit named Paul.

A modern day shipwreck story, “An Island” explores what would happen if five of today’s youth, the “Celtic Tiger Cubs”, were put in a situation where they had only their wits to keep themselves alive. While trying to find a way off of an island that doesn’t appear on any map (at least not in the last five hundred years), the characters encounter strange native inhabitants, unlikely debris, and bizarre, unexplainable events. Who is Paul the mysterious hermit who lives in the cliffs? What happened to the rest of the islands inhabitants? Will they ever manage to get phone reception? Is there a way off of the island, and if so, do they even want to leave?

 by Mike Ryan.