An adaption of Strindberg’s Miss Julie, Patrick Marber’s After Miss Julie focuses on one summer’s night in a servants’ kitchen where both Miss Julie and her father’s chauffeur John begin a passionate yet violent entanglement. Marber’s presents his retelling of the classic play as a dark, sexual psychological thriller. Strikingly written and rich in imagery, After Miss Julie explores obsessive love, sexuality and the issues of gender boundaries and social class.


The date is July 26th, 1945. The Second World War is over. The Labour Party has won its landslide election triumph over Winston Churchill and the Conservatives. A decisive victory in the class struggle has occurred. Now, with celebrations flooding into the streets, Miss Julie descends into the servants’ kitchen of her father’s country estate. Alternately sadistic and seductive, she provokes and teases both the chauffeur John and his fiancée Christine. Over the course of this tragic summer’s night, both Julie and John will take their passionate and violent liaison to the edge, crossing both class and gender boundaries.



Tickets: €7 / €9