A Look Back On Last Season

With the years end in sight we here at Granary thought that it might be nice to have a look back over the last few months and remind ourselves of all of the fun and excitement that we have had.


At the end of September we had the fabulous Asylum Theatre Company in working on The IMPORTANT Show.  Working in the space for the week leading up to a Friday evening performance, the troupe played out a devised piece that had been created in the space for the space.

In October we were delighted to be the venue to TEDxUCC. This sell out show brought together people from all backgrounds to listen, talk and engage with new ideas. Some of these talks are now available on line and can be accessed here.

POD played in the space as part of the Fuaim events being organised by the Music Department here in UCC. The event was a sell out and the beautiful music put us all in great mind for the Bank Holiday, Jazz weekend.This weekend was also the get in for the first of our ventures with UCC’s Drama Society, Dramat. The Short Play Festival featured new talented writers, directors, actors, stage-people, lighting and sound design, costume and makeup designers, and a wealth of experienced people from the society willing to share their knowledge. Three one-act plays made up the evenings entertainment and were hailed a great success.
Following on from this success Dramat brought us a touching tale from Diana Son. Stop Kiss was a tender look at love and how it happens to us all, only for some people to be prejudiced about whom these relations involve.




The Seafarer is one of McPherson’s strongest plays and under the firm hand of Barry Whelan, we can see why. A tale of tragedy and companionship beautifully acted by some stalwart Dramat veterans, kept the season going.



The rest of November and into December was taken up with our own in house performance of Sarah Kane’s Cleansed. A powerful, thought provoking and hard hitting look at the concept of love and how we all must eventually succumb to it.



The Disappearing Dogs by Rory Mc Conville brought us laughter and joy as we got an insight into the quirky way that Mc Conville’s brain works. His quick-witted dialogue brought the characters to life and suspended our disbelief long enough to introduce things supernatural.



There have been many people involved in the creation of The Big Boy, but Jack Holland has managed them into an orchestral symphony of pure theatre. The play revels in its childishness and holds close to the idea of fun as we are whisked on a journey of pure entertainment.



We have already drawn up our schedule for next season with 2013 featuring more Dramat Shows: including; Deirdre of The Sorrows by John Millington Synge; And Then There Were None by Agatha Christie and Like a Virgin by Gordon Steel and new writing with Marcus by Eoghan Mc Conville.

The season begins with another New Writing Short Play Festival featuring: Entropy written and directed by Rob Carlile, Symbollocks written and directed by Martha Hegarty, Matilda Takes A Bath written and directed by Nikki Burke and The Trial written and directed by Mark O’ Sullivan.

There will also be a performance by the 2nd year Drama and Theatre Studies Students in March. The Drama and Theatre Final Year students will also be performing their end of year projects in Foregrounds 2013, which will take place in the end of February.

The week prior to Easter will also see the Granary being used as one of the many venues in Cork participating in the Irish Student Drama Awards, which is being run by UCC Dramat this year.

We are also delighted with our continued involvement with The Gaiety School of Acting, with classes in all parts of theatre and film nightly. You can read more about it here and in the GSA Brochures also available on that page.

All in all it promises to be another exciting year with back-to-back action taking place right here in Granary.