And Then There Were None

There have been many… interesting titles for this play down through the years that make it fascinating from an anthropological viewpoint on our development as a society and the introduction of political correctness. Regardless of one’s viewpoints, it is remarkable, but not conversation fit for a blog post. Aaron O Sullivan is a first year […]

Deirdre of the Sorrows

“I want a production that reignites interest in Irish Mythology”, says John Donovan, a Tralee native and director of UCC Dramat’s next feature production: Deirdre of the Sorrows. John tells me of how in his youth he used to play with his friends reenacting battles from the myths and legends that his Grandmother taught him. […]


Could the new destopian future be the product of the internet era and our penchant for social media based information? Eoghan Mc Conville has penned a play that surmises just such an outlook, and bleak as it may first appear, this modern take on the Orwellian future succeeds in ringing in some home truths about […]

The Rooftops of Paris

A cold evening in Cork in January requires a good reason to step away from the fireplace, and this last week has had many an electric blanket turned up to the maximum. Theatre is one of those things that can always warm the heart and the soul however, along with a few hot ports and […]

Like a Virgin

“I’m more level headed than I thought I was”, jokes Katie Melia on being asked how she is finding her new role as Director. Katie will be directing UCC Dramat’s next feature length play to be performed here in Granary, “Like a Virgin” by Gordon Steele. “It is a great lesson for actors, seeing what […]

The Disappearing Dogs

At it’s core, The Disappearing Dogs is a murder mystery. The plot structure for the piece is well constructed and involves the full, sizable cast in its two acts. “I wanted to write for female roles”, says director Rory Mc Conville, “There are strong varied actresses in Dramat”. The play concerns itself, as the title […]

The Big Boy

“We never try to hide anything. I hope it to be just as enjoyable for me as it is for the next person”. Jack Holland is a third year student of Drama and Theatre studies and English in UCC. The Tralee native has been working with Dramat throughout his stay here in Cork and his […]

The Disappearing Dogs

Granary is delighted to present Dramat’s The Disappearing Dogs, a piece of new writing from Rory McConville, from the 11th to the 15th of December. In the quiet estate of Rossbrook, a dog has disappeared every night for the past month. Strange? Sure. Worrying? A bit. But everyone’s too busy with the local election to […]