Monthly Archives: March 2013

ISDA – Seduced

Dramsoc National University of Ireland, Galway are delighted to present Seduced. Reclusive billionaire Henry Hackamore has lived alone for 21 years with only his loyal bodyguard, Raul, at his side. Henry, realizing that he is coming to the end of his life has called two beautiful women from his past in order to save him […]

ISDA – The Woman Who Cooked Her Husband

Kenneth’s life revolves around two things: food & sex. He left his wife of 19 years, Hilary, for Laura. Hilary was great in the kitchen but their sex life was non-existent. The sex with Laura is great but she cannot cook to save her life.

ISDA – The Cracks in my Skin

An unlikely quartet of characters play at happy families for one hot summer, but ravenous need impinges on the make believe, and cracks start to show.

ISDA – Terminus

Terminus is fast paced, bold, engaging and exciting: a play for contemporary society which takes a fearless look at darker aspects of experience and catapults audiences into the territory of heaven, hell, angels and demons.

ISDA – Never Trust A Smile

Never Trust A Smile is a dance and physical theatre piece that focuses on using the body to express emotions and tell a story. It centers around a young woman suffering from depression.

ISDA – Like a Virgin

Two teenage girls besotted with Madonna deal with the trials and tribulations of teenage life while trying to become superstars.